Ceangal's Services  

Background to development of services
Ceangal's services have grown out of the existing client base of our principals, and their experience of market regulation in network industries - particularly telecommunications.   
Features and Benefits
Ceangal can provide a commercial view of complex regulatory and economic issues, across a range of sectors, in multiple EU markets.  The typical output is a report containing a set of recommendations which can help clients to focus their resources and decide the best way to act.     
Unique Selling Points
Unique about Ceangal is our European perspective:  we bring our experience of multiple EU markets to bear on those issues and developments of immediate concern to our customer. We can use our network of European contacts to assist companies based in one EU market to position themselves in another EU market or markets.  
Advantages for our Customers
Ceangal is a small international consultancy which prides itself on high quality deliverables: comprehensive, insightful analysis, provided by senior consultants only.   We can offer fast response times, flexibility, and a highly customised approach to assignments.  
Future Developments
Ceangal has established strategic alliances with legal and economic consultancies in various EU markets. These companies have the resources to support Ceangal on projects with an international dimension.
Our name
'Ceangal' - pronounced [kyangul] - means "connection" or "bond" in the Irish language.  We make the connections necessary to help our customers solve their problems.

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